Radhuni Pagol

Small grained
All the way from Bengal
Originally belonged to the area between Ganges plains and Damodar river valley
The state applying for GI for this precious rice
A rice that entices the cook
Radhuni pagal from West Bengal

Bio Basics gets it from Raiganj, North Bengal
Grown by Chinmoy and team
Committed organic farmers
Passionate seed savers
Chinmoy, a farmer & geography teacher
Who talked about Rahr region to me, which I had to google to learn more about
Battling unpredictable climatic conditions
Unviability of farming, yet persisting with it
Saving seeds against all odds

Among his favourite varieties
Is Radhuni pagal adopted to his region
The rice aged, improving the texture but dimming the fragrance a bit
Tried a simple pulav with the tiny grains
That melt into your mouth
The imperative to keep these rice varieties alive for the future
Prompts us to consume diversity to conserve

Try yet another rice from #BioBasics granary
Radhuni pagal


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