Thanga Samba - the golden rice

Thanga Samba (Thangam gold or of golden hue) and Samba of the paddy season that bestows the plenty on the Kaveri delta paddy farmers. Tamil Nadu, the land that waits for the north-east monsoon in trepidation till October / November with the crops on the ground, with fingers crossed and prayers sent . Unlike its neighbours who are blessed with the South West monsoon that comes in June.

Thanga Samba is a white rice variety with medium length, slender grain, semi polished almost cream in colour. The stories talk about power of the rice to impart strength and immunity and keeping ageing at bay and easy digestibility.

I don't know how much of that is right; I need to do more research. The name is talked about, the tales are many!  Some say it's the shining, golden colored paddy that resulted in the name. Others talk about the golden hue that the rice has ...and one also said that this rice might have "thanga sathu”, which means that it may have trace element of gold....

What I know is its beautiful colour, excellent cooking quality and flavourful nature. Till I find out more, let's go with this and simply enjoy this wonderful rice…

Thanga Samba parboiled rice, yet another gem of a rice from the paddy fields of Tamil Nadu . Organically grown, paddy stored naturally and aged, milled in small batches. Join us to enjoy this rice, own it, and make it yours. Let your choosing this lead to more organic golden fields of Thanga Samba!

Lunch with Th anga Samba rice, coincidentally with all golden sides. Yellow pumpkin & semi ripe mangoes curry, kabuli chana , snake gourd thoran and a peanut chutney powder ! 

 All organic, all fresh, yet another working day lunch !

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