How does hi-technology help?

It doesn’t. We like to keep it organic and natural, so we are not big on hi-tech. We believe that we should eat food grown on a farm, not in a lab or a factory! We therefore do not recommend or use any hi-tech for food production or processing. Like, GMOs (genetic modification of food), food fortification, hydroponics or aquaponics or aeroponics, ozone or veggie washes to remove chemicals. We believe in natural farming, the way humans have been farming for millennia. No new technologies for us please, thank you! We also do not recommend hi-tech processing. Like extrusion (like in cornflakes), high-heat oil extraction, high levels of polishing grains. Just keeping it simple,and therefore natural. Just don’t mix food with hi-tech. We all like our smartphones and laptops, but not on our plates! Sorry.



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