Is there scientific proof that chemicals used in farming are bad for human health?

This is an intelligent question, but not a wise one. Our intelligence seeks solid scientific proof in the form of scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals based on long-term studies among a large population to show that ingesting chemicals does or does not cause any health problem. Nowadays, we believe only such evidence, because we think that it is scientific and therefore reliable and credible. That could be true. And there are numerous studies showing the negative impact on human health of chemicals in food. But there are also other studies that show that there is not much impact. So what should we believe? Whom should we believe? The pesticide/fertilizer companies, or the organic food companies? Tough, isn't it?

Well, at Bio Basics, we don't find it tough, because we prefer to rely on our wisdom, not just on our intelligence. Our wisdom tells us that we should avoid chemicals in food. Our bodies will reject it - most of us have experienced it. Either the smell of the chemicals could be putting off, or could lead to bad taste or worse, lead to headaches and vomiting. Sadly, most of the farmer suicides in India have occurred ironically by consuming pesticides and other chemicals that the farmers purchase for farming! 

So if we agree that chemicals don't smell or taste good and that we can get sick or even die, if we consume chemicals directly even in small quantities, why would we not reject them altogether? If it is poisonous, then why consume it at all? Should we be ok with small amounts of poison? Should we accept it because it has only a long-term impact (like slow poison)? When we are consuming chemical-laden food day-in and day-out, should we be surprised when we have various ailments over time? 

Let us stick to the basics. We all learn that putting one's hand into a fire can hurt. Do we ask for proof? Have we not learnt it without putting our hand into fire? We just know it. It is our instinct. Similarly, we don't need proof to know that chemicals in food can hurt humans. It is that wisdom that makes us at Bio Basics encourage everyone to seek organic whole foods. 

In the absence of a consensus among scientists and studies on whether organic food is good for health or not, you have two choices:

  1. Believe that chemicals in food cannot be harmful to health and you continue to eat regular chemical-laden food. If you are right, you are lucky. If you are wrong, you could be sick.
  2. Believe that organic is better and you choose organic. If you are right, you continue to be healthy. If you are wrong, well, you are still healthy!

So what do you choose? We think it is a no-brainer to go organic, and only err, if at all, on the safe side.



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