The poor cannot afford organic food. So why should we?

That is indeed a very egalitarian and considerate position. We appreciate that thought. But sadly, we do a lot in our lives that the poor cannot afford - like Private School for our children, Air-travel, vacations abroad, eating in fancy restaurants, buying a car, buying branded jeans/footwear/handbags, etc. and the list could go on. For all these items, we buy or consume these products or services, knowing fully well that the poor cannot do so. But we do it anyway. Why? Because we like to do so to have a better experience. If we have the budget, we choose these costlier options. No? By choosing organic, we are choosing a better product for our food/bodies/homes, by which we can experience health over the long-term. Aside from our own health considerations, we must remember that as we buy more organic food, more farmers will go organic and sooner than later, organic food will become the norm and available to all. So please go organic!



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