What is organic food?

 Organic food refers to those items that have not been exposed to active use of any synthetic chemical, right from sowing, growing and fertilizing, to harvesting, storage, processing and transport. No chemicals at all. Whatsoever. Most of the food that is available in the market today is laced with chemicals for various purposes - to give the food an attractive colour, or bigger size in case of fresh produce (i.e. vegetables, fruits, etc.) , or higher shelf life in case of groceries (rice, dals, flours, etc.). Most of the chemicals are used to kill pests or avoid infestation (pesticides), or for spectacular unnatural growth and yield per acre (chemical fertilizers). And then, all those processed items most of us love to consume, like packaged foods (cakes, biscuits, bread, noodles, cookies, chips, etc.) contain additives which are but chemicals in fancy names. Organic food grown by organic farmers do not use any of these chemicals. At a higher level, organic means "as Nature intended"


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