What is whole food?

Food that is not refined excessively and that retains most of the nutrition that Nature intended are called whole foods. This largely refers to grocery items. For instance, when rice is excessively polished, it loses all the bran (outer layer) that contains most of the nutrition. It also loses the fibre part of rice. It is this fibre in rice which leads to quicker satiation (you feel fuller sooner) and lower consumption (because you feel full quickly). Similarly, for wheat flour (Aatta), when highly refined, it becomes "maida" which is harmful to our health. So with oils - refined oils lose the original nutrition as they are exposed to processes involving a high degree of heat, bleaching and deodorizing. We all know about white sugar. So we at Bio Basics recommend whole foods, i.e. foods that have undergone minimal processing and are not denatured. A quick thumb-rule is to avoid any item that is pure white - white sugar, white rice, white aatta or rotis, or clear-as-water oils.


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