Why does Bio Basics use plastics for packaging? That is not eco-friendly.

Mea culpa. We do use plastic for packaging, because we are yet to find an alternative for some products which have to last for months on the shelves of our partner-stores. But for all other products and channels, we have been using more eco-friendly options, such as paper and cloth. For instance, all our fresh produce (veggies, fruits, etc.) are packed in brown paper bags which can be reused. Most grains (rice, millets, pulses, etc.) are offered in cloth, but some consumers choose plastic, because they like to store the grains in that plastic pouch itself and plastic has excellent barrier properties (keeps away moisture for long durations). Hopefully, some day, we will stop using plastic altogether. But if you are one of those plastic warriors, kudos to you! We will send you all the items you need in sustainable packaging to the extent we can.  


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