Why are we talking about brown rice during this festival week?

Bio BasicsIt's the time of the year when we indulge and eat snacks , sweets, savouries and at the end of the day want some real nourishment yet feel unable to rustle up a meal or take the effort to eat healthy ...

That's when a delicious traditional brown( more like golden yellow interspersed with red grains due to mixes in the field ) rice waltzes into our kitchens ..

Thuyamalli is a delicious traditional white rice of Tamilnadu with excellent cooking qualities, with its name meaning " white jasmine" , which is how this beautiful rice looks. 

The brown/unpolished version, what a lot of people call as hand pounded, reminded me of the beautiful pavizhamalli ( harsingar) flowers that I found in the garden , which made me pick up a few and scatter them alongside the rice.

What is unusual about this brown rice is it's softness compared to other brown rice varieties and it's easy digestibility and that gentle brown bran colour!

We decided to make a one pot rasam sadam ( rasam rice meal ) with this and traditional tur dal. The rice curls and opens up on being cooked but doesn't retain its long shape and has a nice bite and turned out very well in the rasam sadam.

So here is a whole grain rice, healthy, delicious, traditional, easy to cook and pretty to look at , to nourish you every day or on special days when you want a cosy meal to round off the day. The rice is grown organically by a farmer collective, aged and then shelled to extract it with full bran, fresh every month.

As usual please head to the store to stock up on this and other heritage rice varieties.Back in our Bio Basics granary!

What do you think about brown rices ? Which ones have you tried ?

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