Thanks for choosing to go organic with Bio Basics

Choosing to eat and feed your family organic whole foods is a responsibility you should be prepared for. Take care of these organic items, and they will take care of you!

Here are some general tips for storing your organic grains or goodies for longer


Rices, wheats, millets, dals/ pulses/ legumes: As these are organic (grown, harvested, processed and transported without using any chemicals), they are prone to infestation. To avoid infestation, you could store them in the freezer or refrigerator, if storing for longer than one month.

If you have received these in vacuum-packed packets, you can keep them out in the open.

If you are going to use the item within one month, then transfer it into an air-tight tin or container and keep away from moisture. You may throw in a few spices (red chillies or neem leaves or cloves) to keep away insects.


Bio Basics oils are sold in recyclable food-grade plastic bottles that transport better (compared to glass bottles). Please recycle them. We recommend transferring the oil onto your own glass or steel bottle immediately, instead of storing it in the plastic bottle.


Bio Basics Spices (powders) are best used immediately, so transfer them directly onto your Masala box or container. Same with whole spices, but you can retain these longer in bottles in the fridge or in the open. Most spices are not affected by any infestation.

All other items:

(Like Avals/ Poha/ Rava/ Vermicelli/ Flours/ Nuts/ seeds/ Dry Fruits/ Ready-to-eat items, etc.) All these items are best stored in the freezer or refrigerator. These are prone to infestation.



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