Rajamudi Unpolished Rice (Unpolished, Raw)

Rajamudi Unpolished Rice (Unpolished, Raw)
Rajamudi Unpolished Rice (Unpolished, Raw)
Buy organically grown rajamudi rice online at Bi oBasics
Shop organic rajamudi rice online at Bio Basics
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Rajamudi Unpolished Rice (Unpolished, Raw)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Rajamudi Unpolished Rice (Unpolished, Raw)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Buy organically grown rajamudi rice online at Bi oBasics
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Shop organic rajamudi rice online at Bio Basics

Rajamudi Unpolished Rice (Unpolished, Raw)

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  • High in Fiber

  • Rich Nutrients

  • Low glycemic index

  • Unique flavour

  • Grown organically

  • Contains 100% bran

Delight in the exquisite aroma and rich flavour of Rajamudi Unpolished Rice, a premium organic rice variety. Sourced from reputed farms, this rice retains all its natural goodness, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals. Known for its strong fragrance and delicious taste, Rajamudi Rice adds a touch of sophistication to your meals. Experience the authentic flavour and health benefits of Organic Rajamudi Rice by purchasing it online. Enhance your cooking with the unmatched quality of Unpolished Rajamudi Rice.

The Story

The Organic Rajamudi Rice is a local speciality from Karnataka. This unique rice blend features a mix of white and red unpolished grains, retaining all the bran for added nutrition. Known for its delightful taste and compatibility with Indian curries, it's an ideal choice for daily meals. Rajamudi Rice, favoured by the Wodeyar kings of Mysore, is now available through Bio Basics, sourced from certified organic farmers in Karnataka. These farmers cultivate, process, mill, and store the rice without any chemical intervention. Experience the wholesome goodness of Organic Rajamudi Rice by ordering online today.

Health Benefits

  • Improved immunity: High fibre content in Organic Rajamudi Rice supports gut health and digestion, promoting a feeling of fullness.
  • Regulate blood sugar: Rajamudi rice's low glycemic index (GI) reduces blood sugar spikes compared to white rice.
  • Improved heart health: Fibre and antioxidants in unpolished Rajamudi Rice lower bad cholesterol, enhancing heart health.
  • Weight management: Organic Rajamudi Rice's high fibre content promotes fullness, aiding weight management efforts.


  • Keep Rajamudi Unpolished rice in Airtight container
  • Keep your organic Rajamudi Rice in a cool, dark place
  • Follow a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system

How to Cook Rajamudi unpolished Rice

  • Rinse the unpolished Rajamudi rice thoroughly in clean water.
  • Soak the rice for 30 minutes. This helps shorten the cooking time and results in fluffier rice.
  • Drain the soaked rice.
  • Add the rice to the pressure cooker. A good ratio is 1 part rice to 2 parts water.
  • Cook on high flame for one whistle.
  • Lower the flame and cook for three more whistles.
  • Let the pressure release naturally for 5-10 minutes before opening the cooker.
  • Your delicious Organic Rajamudi Rice is ready to be served alongside your favourite curries and dishes.

Alternate Name and Name in Other Languages

Alternate Names

Traditional Rice
Rajamudi red rice

Language Name

Language  Product Name
Tamil  ராஜமுடி அரிசி (Rājamuṭi Arisi)
Malayalam  റാജമുദി അരി (Rājamuḍi Ari)
Hindi राजमुदि चावल (Rajamudi Chawal)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Speciality of Rajamudi rice?

Rajamudi rice is good for everyone. It also has lots of fibre which makes it easier to digest your food. This red rice is packed with antioxidants and other good stuff like iron, vitamins, and minerals that keep you healthy. It can even help you fight off germs and make your body stronger!

What are the nutrients in Rajamudi rice?

Organic Rajamudi rice sourced from certified organic farmers’ group in Karnataka,Rajamudi rice boasts a rich content of dietary fibre, antioxidants, and iron. Each 100-gram serving provides 345 calories of energy, along with 7.94 grams of protein, 1.987 grams of fat, 78.99 grams of carbohydrates, and a significant 10.18 grams of dietary fibre

What is the history of Rajamudi rice?

Rajamudi rice was special food for the Wodeyars Kings of Mysore, There's even a story that people who couldn't pay their taxes could give Rajamudi rice to the king instead of money.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Pushkala Venkatachalam
Nice variety, easy to eat.

My kids enjoyed eating the rice and no rejection from them. I felt that the rice is nourishing to the family.


Overall good

Tara Narayanan

Rajamudi Unpolished Rice (Raw)

Tasty n fragrant?

This rice is mildly fragrant. Cooks faster and another favorite variety in my house. It goes well with most curries. It come well packaged and sometimes it order with the cloth bag... It feels good to store in it. Since iit is bio basics the quality is good.

Hema Gopi
Lived up to its claims

My family also enjoyed it. They are usually fussy about non white rice.



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