A Nutritious Alternative for Diabetics

Just one more millet based porridge

This is not very creatively called diabetic mix , prepared by the same farmers collective that prepares the millet mix porridge. It is mix of three millets, formulated by a doctor, who said that the three millets ( little, pearl & foxtail) scored with flying colours for their low GI. Interestingly he said that for ragi ( finger millet) the GI depends on the grain size. If it is finely powder the GI is higher, therefore it should be coarsely ground to keep the GI low. Whereas, for these three fine powdering does not make a difference in the GI.

It is made from organically grown roasted pearl millet (kambu), foxtail millet rice(thinai) & little millet rice(samai) flavoured with cardamom. I tried having the porridge without a sweetener, which is a tough act for me as I love my sweeteners. I tried with spiced buttermilk and salt (didn’t work for me, milk would have been a better bet) and then with raisins & melon/pumpkin seeds. It was surprisingly good. Of course, I have it with palm jaggery more often than not.

In whatever form (porridge or drink) you like, these are wholesome, delicious, easy to prepare breakfast items or even suitable for a light dinner!


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