Sesame Cold-pressed Oil

Sesame Cold-pressed Oil

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  • Healthiest variant of oil

  • No chemicals used

  • Multipurpose oil

Cold-pressed Sesame Oil, also called Nalle Ennai or Gingelly Oil is very popularly used in South India cooking because of its rich aroma and delicious taste. You can have it with your idli or milagai podis, stir-fry veggies, in curries, and for making pickles. This oil is also good for oil pulling to keep your teeth clean and used as a body massage oil for glowing skin.


The Story

Bio Basics’ Cold-pressed Sesame Oil comes from two sources. One is a organic-certified farmer group and the other is from a certified farmer. The oil is produced in small rotary oil mills where fresh batches are made as and when there is a requirement. The recovery rate is about 35%, which means that one kilo of sesame seeds would give you 350 grams of oil.

In Tamil Nadu, the red or black variety of sesame seeds are commonly used. The colour of the oil can be golden, dark brown and sometimes almost black, depending on the variety of sesame seeds used. Palm jaggery is added to the seeds while grinding them in the rotary mill at a very low speed. This is to prevent the oil from heating up to produce the best quality of sesame oil. Post production, the oil is filtered using a manual filter or gada cloth kept inside the solar facility for the sediments to settle down. This takes 2-3 days. The oil is then poured out leaving the sediment intact. This is the oil that we supply to you - rich, thick in the essential component that is present in the seeds and quite delicious. Once you cultivate a taste for it, it will become your top choice for cooking.


Health Benefits

  • Very high in nutrients
  • Can be used to maintain oral hygiene
  • Protects and nourishes the skin

    Storage instructions

    • Our cold-pressed sesame oil will stay fresh for 6-9 months if it is not exposed to moisture.
    • The oil comes to you in a plastic bottle only for transportation purposes.
    • We suggest you transfer the oil into a glass or steel container that has a tight-fitting lid.

    How to

    • Since the oil is cold pressed, it is ideal for foods which are prepared on low to medium heat instead of for deep frying.



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