Rakthashali Red Rice (Raw)
Rakthashali Red Rice (Raw)
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Rakthashali Red Rice (Raw)

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  • Medicinal rice with innumerable health benefits

  • Organic and 100% natural

  • Recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers

One of the rarest and most precious varieties of rice that we have is Rakthashali Red Rice. This small and slender-grained rice is known for its nutritive and medicinal properties. It comes to us as unpolished raw rice with full bran. Rakthashali Red Rice is good for making kanji or rice porridge and payasam. Steamed rice can be eaten with Indian curries. It can be consumed by all ages especially the aged, the ailing, and the young.


The Story

Charaka Samhita, which is the oldest text on Ayurveda medicine mentions the curative properties of Rakthashali Red Rice. It is known to help produce blood cells and considered to be very good for women who are anaemic. We also have anecdotal evidence from our own farmer’s family that the rice is recommended during chemotherapy to stabilise or retain blood count.

Bio Basics procures Rakthashali Red Rice from two farms in Kozhikode and Wyanad who supply exclusively to us. Since it is a medicinal rice, the farmers prefer to give it to us as raw rice rather than parboiled. The rice plant is quite delicate and so the yield is not very high. The grain is dense with nutrients. The rice is harvested during December-January. It is aged and milled fresh every one or two months.

We consider it one of the top five rices that we possess.


  • Aids metabolism and weight loss
  • Builds stamina and immunity
  • Reduces the risk of cancer, anaemia, and diabetes


  • Once plastic package is opened, transfer the rice to an airtight container and store in a cool and dry place.
  • Refrigerate long-stored rice to retain its properties and keep it fresh."


  • Pre-soak for 2-3 hours.

  • Pressure cooker: 1 cup rice : 3 cups water. Cook on high flame for up to three whistles. Lower the flame and cook for another two more whistles.

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