Uma Red Rice (Semi-polished, Raw)
Uma Red Rice (Semi-polished, Raw)
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Uma Red Rice (Semi-polished, Raw)

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  • Popular rice variety of Kerala

  • Sourced from single origin PGS-certified farm

  • Grown organically; No chemicals or pesticides used

Uma Raw Rice also called Unakkalari, is a variety of red rice very popularly used in Kerala. This semi-polished rice has 20-30% bran. It turns a delicate pink colour when cooked, and has a soft mouthfeel. It can be served as steamed rice with Indian curries and tastes equally delicious when made into kheer or katti payasam, which is a special payasam made in Kerala temples with jaggery and ghee. If you are new to raw rice, Uma Red Rice is a good choice to get you started. It is palatable especially for children who struggle with eating red rice.


The Story

Uma Rice is an old improved variety of rice developed by the Kerala Agricultural University. Bio Basics sources the rice from a single PGS-certified farm in Palakkad, Kerala. The rice is dried and stored. It is aged for atleast 3-4 months to give it good cooking consistency. With aging, the rice is soft and not mushy when cooked. Once it is aged, it is milled and sent to us. The bran content may vary because it is processed in small mills where the calibration is manually done. The rice is processed in small batches of 50 kgs or 100 kgs and always supplied fresh to us.



  • High in proteins and fiber
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins


  • Once opened, take the rice out of the plastic pouch and store in an airtight container.
  • If not used regularly, dry the rice in the shade after 2-3 weeks. Or add a few cloves, bay leaves or chillies to keep it free from infestation.
  • If purchased in a cloth bag, transfer to an airtight container immediately on receiving it..
  • If the rice is stocked during monsoon, please take extra care to keep the rice away from moisture.
  • Don’t worry if you find bugs in your long stored rice. This is normal when grain is grown organically, and processed and stored naturally. Sun dry for an hour, shade dry for another two hours, clean the rice and put it back in the container along with some cloves, bay leaves or chillies.


  • Pressure cooker: 1 cup Uma Raw Rice : 2.5 cups water. Cook on high flame for up to three whistles.
  • Open Vessel: 1 cup Uma Raw Rice: 3.5 cups water. Boil water before adding rice and cook on slow flame for 20 minutes. Drain excess water once rice is cooked.

Note: You can soak the rice for 30 minutes before cooking. This will soften the rice and shorten its cooking time.



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