Beat the Heat with Traditional Indian Summer Recipes!

Summer is officially here and this year is said to be the hottest ever. Blame it on Climate Change, El Nino or the increasing rates of greenhouse gas emissions but the extreme weather is no joke!

While summer transitions may evoke grumbling from us urbanites, each season change is so vital and has special significance to the farmers. Our local farmers are now waiting for the first summer rain, so as to start the next sowing season!

While we all hope for this summer to treat us less harshly, let us also take efforts to live more sustainably and reduce the burden on our Mother Earth.

Meanwhile here are our top three traditional Indian summer recipes – treats to beat the heat this season!

Fresh Fruits and Homemade Juice

Seasonal organic fruits are the best way to keep hydrated this summer! Not only are they naturally cooling but they also have redeeming health benefits. So instead of reaching for a soft drink to quench your thirst, make fresh fruit juices. Homemade fruit juices are the best as you can pick your ingredients and avoid added sugar!

Just blend your favorite fruits together and add a little lime and mint to enjoy a refreshing drink. It’s that simple!

Alternatively, you can also switch your snacks to fruits and veggies. Papaya,Cucumber or Watermelon all make for great snacks that will keep feeling satiated yet light.

Check out the wonderful variety of local organic fruits we offer and take your pick!

The Most Refreshing Breakfast Ever
When it comes to food, we recommend lighter meals that are easy to cook (because being stuck preparing meals in this heat is pure agony).

Which is why this South Indian summer tradition to start the day with Pazhaya Soru Kanji (translates as “Leftover cooked rice porridge”) or Neeragaram, is the best. Before the advent of the refrigerator, this was just how leftover rice was dealt with at the end of the day!

Just soak cooked rice in water and let it sit overnight (preferably in an earthen clay pot) to ferment. Add curd or just salt and enjoy it with raw small onions, chilies or a chutney!

There’s amazing science behind this simple tradition. Many nutritionists believe this to one of the most beneficial meals! Filled with fiber, beneficial bacteria, and the elusive B6 and B12 vitamins, it is a wonderful way to keep your body cool and energized for summer. Maybe it is time for us all to take a leaf out of the agrarian communities and incorporate this into our daily routine!

Our unpolished raw rices make for great this kanji (porridge)! Here are some in particular we recommend for this recipe- Kichadi Samba Raw Rice, Rajamudi Raw Rice, and Broken Kerala Red Rice.

A mark of summer starting is when vendors with buttermilk and ‘Koozhu’ start popping up on the roadsides. But the best way to enjoy this famed summer refresher is to make it ourselves just like our grannies used to!

The easiest way to make your own Millet Koozhu/Porridge is by cooking the millet flour in boiling water, then adding buttermilk to it. You can also garnish with small onions and a dash of green chilies to keep it simple yet delectable.

Kambu or Pearl Millet is usually the preferred millet used in the traditional recipe. But we recommend both Sprouted Ragi Flour and Pearl Millet Flour for this wonderful cooling drink!

So… Let us know how these Indian summer recipes turned out for you and share with us any other traditional recipes your families have! Take care and have a wonderful week ahead!

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