The Real Dirt On Cleaning!

Cleaning is a chore we all end up doing, begrudgingly or not. While our mothers and grandmothers’ cleaning routines were intense and complicated, the products they used were simpler and not pumped with chemicals. When we pick up our floor cleaners, dish soap or detergent do we know how many toxic chemicals go into making them? Do we question if these cleaning products are safe for us, our children, our pets?

Yes, we hear you. How are cleaning products problematic, you ask…How can something we don’t eat/drink/directly apply affect us? Here’s how-

Commonly used household cleaners, that we pick off the shelves contain a multitude of harsh chemicals. Since World War II, around 85,000 new chemicals have entered the market by way of various products (and most of which were not approved!). Almost 70% of typical cleaners are made of these harmful chemicals. Experts have pointed out that there are 62 toxic chemicals to be found in the average home-Many of which are linked to a host of medical problems.

The fact is that we are ‘cleaning’ with toxic chemicals! These are the cleaners we ingest through our lungs, and when we are washing our laundry or dishes, absorb them through our skin. These chemicals could potentially linger long after their application. Multiple studies have linked exposure to these harsh household chemicals to higher incidences of asthma, cancer, leukaemia, and other health conditions. Additionally, aerosols and sprays from cleaning product sometimes contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can affect our health both short and long term. These have a reputation for causing problems in the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system.

Look out for harsh chemicals like ammonia, petroleum, phosphorus, triclosan and phthalates in household cleaners. When using these to wash and clean, these chemicals are being released right back into our environment, polluting our atmosphere, nearby rivers, streams, or lakes. And that is scary because not only can they come back into the water we drink and the air we breathe, but they also have a negative impact on our already fragile ecosystem.

Ditch the chemicals!

Simply put natural cleaning products clean our house naturally, eliminating the unpleasant chemical residue that can harm our family, our pets and our abode. The organic floor cleaners from Wild Ideas that we offer, are made by rural women using sustainable practices and only from naturally-derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients! This hits all the spots for us! These products contain only simple, recognizable ingredients like soapnut, wood ash, lye, essential oils etc. They have perfected the formula for effective cleaning that doesn’t negatively impact the environment and our health. Wondering about switching? Read our first-hand experience and get our top tips to incorporate natural cleaners!

Take the conscious choice for your family’s health and the well-being of the earth!

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